About Us


Sattler Christian College offers quality educational facilities in a spacious and attractive natural bush environment. The College is located in the heart of the rural area of outer Darwin and is uniquely placed to take advantage of it’s rural location. The unique ‘homestead’ style classrooms have been specifically designed to maximize space for outdoor learning activities to take place on wide, shady verandahs.

The College offers educational programs for around 150 students from Transition to Year 10 (our aim is to expand our senior school to Year 11 and 12 in 2023). We also run an Early Learning Centre for three to five year old children. Students from all grades share a common enjoyment of each other and staff foster positive inter-age relationships through a buddies programme and regular whole school events.

Sattler Christian College is currently in a period of steady growth, as families in the rural area are attracted to the unique ‘look and feel’ of the school environment, the caring community, and the strong sense of vision and leadership. An integral and great feature of the College is the common mind and Christian perspective shared by all staff, and a sense of care and love for the school community.

Formerly known as Litchfield Christian School, Sattler opened it’s doors in 1996 as part of the NT Christian Schools Association and will continue to be a positive and vibrant part of the wider rural community into the future.