College Staff

Staff at Sattler Christian College are professional and caring and seek to live out their Christian faith as they work in the community.

Our staffing team consists of:

Leadership Team

Michael Tooler – Principal
Debbie Unwin – Primary Coordinator
Jeffrey Kapi – Middle School Coordinator
Jo Wright – ELC Director

Early Learning Centre

Michael Tooler – Nominated Supervisor
Jo Wright – ELC Director
Leta Buckley – Educational Leader
Leticia De Guzman – Educator
Cynthia O’Shea – Educator
Nicole Goosen – Educator
Anita Jones – Educator

Primary School

Rebecca Cholmondeley – Transition Teacher
Leander Hellet – Yr 1/2 Teacher
Debbie Unwin – Yr 3/4 Teacher
Ruby Gulab – Yr 5/6 Teacher
Brenton Bartsch – Art Teacher
Madia Schatz – LOTE (Indonesian), Library and Music Teacher

Middle School

Brenton Bartsch – Yr 7/8: Home Teacher, HASS and Health, Yr 7 – 9: Art, Conservation and PE Teacher
Jeffrey Kapi – Maths, Science and Technology, Yr 9/10 Home class, HASS and Heath Teacher
Roz Elkington – HASS and Health, English Teacher
Michael Tooler – Scripture and Sport Teacher
Madia Schatz– Expressions and LOTE (Indonesian) Teacher
Sam Price –Dance Instructor

Educational Support

Kirsten Leslie – Educational Support Coordinator
Anita Jones – Education Support Transition to Yr 2
Alicia Nankervis – Education Support Yr 3 to 6
Mary Vaatstra – Education Support Middle School


Madia Schatz – Library Teacher
Alicia Nankervis – Library Support

Admin and Support

Ling Cheng – Admin and Finance
Kathleen Higgins – Admin and Enrolment Officer
NT Christian Schools G M Team – Grounds and Maintenance
Sam Price – School Chaplain
Madia Schatz – Promotions
NT Christian Schools – IT Support