Walker Learning Approach

The Walker Learning Approach is an Australian designed teaching and learning approach (pedagogy) that personalizes learning and is developmentally and culturally appropriate.

It is a total approach to teaching and learning which combines the need for children to be active participants in their learning (through hands-on and creative exploration and investigation) which sits alongside formal instruction. There is still teaching and development of not only literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge, but also the range of vital social, emotional and life skills.

The nature of play-based experiences promotes creativity, imagination and scope for children to invent, explore, create and problem solve. The children’s interests are the predominant means for learning experiences during investigations.

The teacher works with focus children each day using their interests to extend, scaffold and support them with their investigation to ensure ongoing engagement in all areas of learning.

Observation and documentation by educators identifies key skills, needs, strengths and interests of individual children and is used to further plan and implement appropriate experiences and set further learning and developmental objectives.