Middle School Drama Production

Each year the Sattler Middle School performs an end of year drama production. These are fantastic events and every Middle School student is significantly involved.

The productions we have done over recent years are:

2011 The Wind in the Willows
2012 Peter Pan
2013 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
2014 Alice in Wonderland
2015 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2016 The Hobbit
2017 The Lion King
2018 Wind in the Willows
2019 Peter Pan

In preparations for the production all students develop their Performing Arts skills, especially in the areas of Drama and Dance. If fact students also learn a wide range of other skills through the production, including the making of sets, props and costumes, music and sound coordination, advertising and ticket sales. However, possibly even more important is the personal growth that occurs as students take on new challenges, and develop confidence and pride in what they achieve as they work together as part of a ‘theatrical company’.

Every year the feedback we receive, especially from visitors to our school, is that the Sattler Middle School productions are amazing! The students really shine and audiences are often surprised at what an outstanding job the students do.