Primary Camps

Sattler’s camping program caters for the change in students’ capabilities, development and needs. As students’ progress through the years so does the ability for them to thrive with increasing extended lengths of time and challenges offered through different camping experiences.

Primary School students participate in camps from their first year at school (Transition), each consecutive camp building on the other – being a little longer, involving more challenges. The Primary Camping program aims to develop independence and confidence in children to participate in activities that take them out of the normal routine and classroom, and potentially away from family for a limited time.

Camps aim to build a sense of unity and team work amongst students. Through varied and rich experiences students are encouraged and stretched mentally and physically. They are positive times for both teachers and students to have fun together and build stronger relationships. Camps are a pivotal part of the curriculum and all students are expected to attend them.





Day Experience

Different experiences during school hours

Year 1

Day Experience Dinner

Full day / evening activities and dinner

Year 2

Day Experience Sleepover

Full day /evening activities and sleepover

Year 3/4

Territory Wildlife Park

2 full days and overnight

Year 5/6

Camp Wolaroo

3 days and 2 nights