Specialist Programs

Each week Primary students participate in specialist programs across different curriculum areas. The specialist programs include Art, Indonesian, Library, sports clinics and Musica Viva.

The Creative Arts program develops students’ creative skills using different mediums; including drawing, painting, sculpting and multi-media. Students are taught how to work with colours, textures and materials to create compositions that are aesthetically pleasing and a good expression of themselves.

The LOTE (Indonesian) program aims to develop both conversational skills across different contexts and engage students in learning about different cultures. As they understand the diversity of our cultures and the richness of sharing life with our neighbours, they understand the beauty of good relationships, good language skills and the joy others can bring to our lives.

Over the year different sports coaches come to Sattler and run clinics with our Primary students. The clinics can include AFL, rugby, hockey and many other sports. Swimming lessons usually run in Term 3 and involve students being transported to the Palmerston pool where they are taught by specialist swimming instructors. These specialist clinics and programs compliment the Physical Education program teachers run with their classes weekly.

Musica Viva is a music program Sattler participates in each year. For a couple months in the lead up to a musical band coming to perform, students participate in intensive music training with rhythm, melodies and reading music. This preparation gets them ready to understand the music style of the band and appreciate the music presented on a deeper level.

Weekly Library lessons take students on adventures to other worlds as they explore different books and stories. Developing a love for literature is the main aim of Library lessons and understanding how to navigate themselves around both books and a library is also an essential understanding.

Specialist classes stretch students in different ways; challenging and engaging them in ways that impact positively on their confidence and growth in other curriculum areas.