School Service Hours


Sattler Christian College encourages parental participation in all areas of school life. Many opportunities arise throughout the year where assistance is necessary. Students and teachers alike can benefit enormously from the experiences, expertise and talents parents and other family members bring.

Parents are encouraged to speak with the Principal or individual classroom teachers about serving the school in this way.


Each family is required to complete six hours of school service during the year. Ways of helping could include helping in the classroom, going on excursions or camps, helping with fundraising, gardening, maintenance, helping at sporting events, etc. All hours are to be logged in at the front office.

Anyone helping with any school activity is required to have an Ochre Card. This is a government requirement and application forms are available from the front office or through Safe NT.

Families can choose not to complete their school service hours and then pay a levy of $200 towards the ongoing maintenance of the school campus.

Parental support and contribution is vital in building a strong and caring school community.