Leonie Hall

Leonie is the Year 3/4 teacher at Sattler.
She loves the Christ centred community at Sattler, where everyone is welcome and families are invited to walk the educational journey with their children. It’s a partnership between the school and the families in educating their children.

She enjoys walking through the playground and being able to know all of the students’ names. She also loves the partnership between school and home and the Christ centred environment at Sattler where all are loved, valued and respected. The programs that teachers develop are engaging which foster critical, creative and reflecting thinking.

Having worked as a teacher for a number of years Leonie wanted to work in a school where she could be open to share the good news and also teach curriculum. She loves how Sattler is connected to NT Christian Schools where there is support and encouragement.
When considering what is a distinctive about Sattler, Leonie believes that students are inspired to become the best that they can be. They are taught that they all have God given gifts which are to be used to serve this world.

Leonie wants each of her students to feel valued and loved and know that they have a purpose in this world. She wants them to understand that whatever they put in is what they get out; whether that is in academic, sporting or relationship areas. They can do all things in Christ who strengthens them.
Leonie is passionate about science. She loves taking students on a journey where they discover and develop knowledge and skills required for the world they live in. Because she’s excited about the content, they quickly catch onto it and their enthusiasm to learn more is inspiring.

‘Growing in Wisdom, Learning to Love’ is our school motto and this reminds Leonie of a quote by John Calvin – ‘True wisdom consists in the knowledge of Christ our redeemer.’ At Sattler our curriculum integrates both the Australian Curriculum and biblical truth. The Bible helps us understand every topic in the curriculum but also that the study of history, science and maths sheds light on the meaning of Scripture. Her students are taught this. Learning to love is accomplished in her role at Sattler through modelling of relationships, teaching her students about the love of Jesus and how to love others and to think of others before themselves.