Daxton has felt coming to Sattler was a good move. He has found it easy to make friends and he loves that teachers help you when you need help.

He’s found the school to be a lot smaller and because of that students get a lot more attention. Other bigger schools make you feel quite small because they are very crowded. At Sattler it’s easier to talk to people and they actually listen and he loves the bush.

He doesn’t necessarily have a favourite teacher. This is because they all have different personalities that make them special. He has found them to be very respectful and very cheery.

Some of his memories have included hanging out with friends and having fun with his class mates. He remembers the flying fox on the Adventure Bound camp and how desperate he was to zip down it, but had to wait. The Litchfield camp was also a favourite as he got to spend time with friends and teachers swimming and having a ball.

Middle School productions were also a great memory for Daxton. He loved being involved in the different plays, seeing how the audiences react to their performances on stage and being able to tell stories through drama and dance. In 2016 he was a troll, goblin, dragon and music helper, and his favourite production was The Hobbit.

Daxton feels he has grown during his time at Sattler. He has become more responsible, considerate and more thoughtful. He knows a lot more than he use to and he has made a lot of friends.

When thinking about how Sattler has been preparing him for life he feels that the school has taught him to respect other people and what they think. He also believes his academics have improved and feels that will help him with future opportunities.