Edith has been at Sattler for a few years. When asked what she loves about Sattler she considers the teachers the thing she loves the best. They are dedicated and make learning fun!

One of her favourite teachers was Mrs Tuisuva. She was very welcoming when she first came to Sattler and made everything fun, including Maths.

Thinking about the motto, ‘Growing in Wisdom, Learning to Love’ Edith feels she has been taught by examples of how to love one another, even when it’s not easy.

Some of her best memories involve going to the Palmerston Pool for swimming lessons and getting McDonalds after swimming one day.

Edith has grown in a number of ways during her time at Sattler. She believes she has become more confident because she has learnt that everyone is equal, no matter what race, culture, skin colour or personality – we are all equal. We are all loved by God.