Jerry Norris

Jerry has been at Sattler for about 10 years, he began way back in Transition and has just graduated from Yr 9. He likes the way Sattler is a small community and you know everyone as a person not just as a name or a number.

Mrs Leslie and Mrs Elkington would have to be among his favourite teachers. Mrs Leslie was his Transition teacher and he likes the fact that she has not changed into a different person over the years, she has remained constant and true. Mrs Elkington was his Yr 8/9 teacher and in recent years has really been involved in shaping him, helping him discover his identity. He loves that he and Mrs Elkington share a good sense of humour and they have bonded over jokes and witty conversations.

Jerry believes that he would have been a completely different person without Sattler. Recently he achieved a black belt in Taekwondo, which stretched him not only physically but mentally. He feels that his growth and development through Sattler prepared him for the rigorous mental strain of the sport.

He has seen Growing in Wisdom, Learning to Love in action in the way students look after each other. A lot of the time if a student is hurt someone straight away is there helping and not arguing. People quickly signal for a teacher and stop to help. They care for the person until a teacher comes.

Jerry has so many memories from his years at Sattler. One memory was being part of the Middle School drama production of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, it was a great experience. It was his first play and he always wanted to try something like that involving public speaking. He remembered his lines for months afterward.

When he was young Jerry was scared of heights. In Yr 6 they went on a camp to Adventure Bound and as part of the camp they had to take a flying fox down off the top of a cliff, which was a real challenge for Jerry. He remembers Mr Bartsch being an amazing support and helping him through the experience, which helped resolve his fear of heights.

Since coming to SCC Jerry feels he has grown in confidence. He knew about God before, but Sattler helped him grow in his faith. He would go home and teach his mum about what he was learning at school, telling her the stories he had heard that day. Over his time here he has learnt to love and help others, and sees that as a big part in his future career.