Taneidi Schatz

Taneidi has been at Sattler since Transition and is in Middle School now. She loves how the teachers are always ready to love and help, that they are there for you always.

Her favourite teacher was Mrs Cholmondeley, because she was just so loving and kind to everyone and she was fun! She helped her with her work and helped her through a hard time when her Nanny (grandmother) died.

Taneidi feels that Sattler has an amazing conservation program and loves that they get to go to the Territory Wildlife Park. She would love to work there when she is older, so it was good to get a taste of what it was like.

She remembers when in Year 5 the class learnt a dance in secret and then jumped up and performed it at the end of an assembly. Everyone was shocked and amazed at the flash dance, it was totally unexpected and a lot of fun!

SCC’s motto is Growing in Wisdom, Learning to Love and Taneidi believes all the teachers embody this as they are loving. Students are learning and growing in love and wisdom. During her time at Sattler Taneidi has grown up to be more responsible, caring and is better at loving those around her. It has been a safe and amazing place for her to learn and develop into who she is today.